Mass production technique

I got this little video I put on my dropbox below.
Dropbox - File Deleted_roof_tile_machine.mp4

In it it shows a shop mixing sand and plastic in a extrusion machine, then pressing with a compression oven.


It seems that one could do the same method to make tiles or other mass produced items. (minus the sand)

If one had multiple molds to allow the plastic to cool slowly at its own pace after pressing (you could easily use phenolic plywood and silicone spray, RTV silicone rubber, silicone baking sheet, or transfer release paper for the mold material.


Now the big issue would be the plastic cooling while it is being extruding.  However I figured out a cheap and easy hack for this.


You take a electric skillet or cook pot, and for HDPE set the temperature at 205c.  The plastic extrudes into the pot, and then when you have a large enough quantity, you grab it with tongs, gloves etc. transfer to the mold, press and let cool.


Since the v4 machine has been reported to achieve 36 kilos per hour in the netherlands lab… You could reasonably assume to be able to do 36 kilos of flat tiles a hour.


If you put the heated cook pot on a scale, you can even weigh the amount dispensed so as to make the product consistent.


I attached a picture of a sample skillet type.  Since the pot is teflon coated, you wont have to worry about the molten plastic sticking



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I have also seen this video:

which shows a bit more of the proces.
I believe the sand is also added to make the tiles more sun/weather resistant.

I like your cook pot idea. Gonna try it with the garden tiles I’m preparing to produce. Also als an experiment to see what mix holds out the longest…

Ok lets see if we can get it to work now