Material research Compression

In this topic you will find tests that are done in our workspace in the Netherlands. The heart of Precious Plastics.
We will test each machine and explore other news ways of using them. Every machine will have his own slideshow were you can follow new tests about plastic. Extrusion, Compression, injection and the shredder(soon). Every test will be accompanied with some photos and little information about the tests.The slideshow will be updated with new experiments regularly.
They will mainly show material properties, not finished products.

Hope you enjoy!




Interesting PDF, Will we be able to download this?

New tests about colour blending online!
(see slides for more)

An example of translucency test with polypropylene (PP) made of old video-boxes combined with other PP.

Working on it 🙂 Be aware that these slides will be updated every once in a while so they are never finished