Material type traceability

During brainstorming stage for mould making I came to the question of material traceability.

For example, if I make a bunch of cool door handles from different types of plastic, that happen​ to be the same colour, I wouldn’t know which one was for example HDPE and which was PP.

In order to skip material testing (floating, melting temperature) I’d rather add a material type sign to the handle. This could allow me easily re-recycle them later.

Has anyone​ thought of it / successfully implemented a related technique?


A few options here are:
– Write material type on the item with a marker
– Put a material type sticker on it
– Modify the mould to show the material type number
– Sort the parts accordingly and keep them separated

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@jegor-m I totally agree!
There has actually been an idea for a solution to this problem here and it seems like @stijnid is working on it together with dave now!

@davehakkens, has this question ever been raised at your workshop?