Materials worldmap

We know sourcing the materials can be tough, finding those local shops and scrapyard. You probably spend most time on this the first time you build machines. The second time its much easier since you know the spots. Let’s make it easier for other that want to start in you area. Let’s expand this worldwide map with places to get your materials, motors electronics etc.

We’ve started the Google map above where everyone can contribute to. Login with you Google account and go here to access and edit it. We’ve never used a public map before, please keep it clean.

Let me know if something is unclear. And thanks for sharing your spots 🙂
(below you can see the steps it takes to add new locations to the map)

Great idea 😉
Added a few locations for Costa Rica

If I may put in a vote: a map which is a “one-stop-shop” would be my preference.

I would say separated for now, maybe it will merge in the future…

Hello @davehakkens
Do we want to keep as a separate map or should we merge it with ?

Great Idea! May I also add new groups (e.g. Hardware stores etc.)?

i will help you update this on philippines next week when i meet my mechanic