Maximum volume operation

Hey everyone! I’m Orlet from Brazil, and I had a few questions about the machine’s capacity. If I collect around 30 tons of recyclable materials (lumping plastic, paper, etc. all together) per week, would these machines be able to process it all in a reasonable amount of time? For instance, on Monday I collect 6 tons of PET plastic, would this amount of material be able to be processed by Friday? Or would I need larger machines?
PS: disconsider energy costs

I doubt you can make it. the machine is a little small. Most importantly you need a very powerful motor that you also has a high “service factor” (a number that tells you how much time it can be turned on and working at full capacity)

I’ve got a 1.1Kw motor (turned from triphase to monophase) that delivers 68 Nm
and the machine clogs if you put too much stuff inside it. With my current machine you wouldn’t make it. I ignore if other people’s machines don’t have problems

you should be looking for an industrial machine.

but what is the typical throughput of one of these machines?