Maybe the V3.1 Extruder with shredder inside

More details comming soon


Some news
The mini-shredder:
Does not work. a single knife blade is not enough and to much slow… and I have to reduce the size of the cage. I put in stand-by the time that the extruder works.

The extruder:
after 2 crash I decided to reinforce (photo 1)
Now it works !!!
but I need a speed variator. An idea of ​​the model to choose? My engine is 230V Electric Motor with 2500W
@jerzeek maybe ? Can i use the same of those there are in the How to build extrudeur instruction video ?


I was thinking same, but the extruder will need to be scaled up a lot.

I saw a video if a Indian crew feeding plastic bags directly into the extruder, but they were running it at too high temp and getting smoking.