Melt plastic to make bricks and yard decor

My husband is interested in melting plastics to produce bricks and outdoor decor.  Is anyone else in the United States doing so?  Please share any start up stories and words of wisdom.


I have a same idea to make
we are in cyprus
i think the best way to satrt is make the mold the same size as a real claybrick with blobs so it look and work like lego blocks ???
what do you guys think

Hi all!
I am also willing to produce plastic bricks. I have a compression achine already and want to get a mould for the bricks.
In one of the monthly news the crew was making some tests, but I dont know how it ends. Somebody now about it, it could be possible to get a design already tested so we can make the mould in our own place?Thanks for your help! I really like the idea to build my house with recycled plstic. In the island I live there is so much plastic to use!
I appreciate your informations,

to make buildings? if so what about sealant? like the grout in bricks?
do you leave room for that? do you use the plastic as a binder and add sawdust or another waste product like marble dust?