Memo Blocks 2.0

Hey all, so I have been explore @davehakkens old project and I came across his idea called Memo Blocks. It was essentially his invention of using recycled material to make a really unique polygon that can be written on with a dry-erase marker.
So I thought that the idea is fantastic and it could be made even better.

Using the injection mold from the injection machine, more of these really unique blocks can be made AND THEN attaching sheet protector plastic on it.

This would be a creative way to use the left over plastic and be able to create unique memo blocks. I know at my college, this would be highly sought after.

Just wanted to share this thought to see if someone can make the “2.0 prototype” of Dave Hakken’s Memo Idea. I haven’t made my machine yet, but if someone does make this, please post a photo below!

I tried doing it on a rock with the sheet protector but my hairdryer isn’t that great