Metric to Standard measurements

Anybody has successfully built a shredder in the US using the good old units?
So far I got 3mm as 11 gauge but can’t find 6 or 3 gauge sheets of stainless for 6mm and 5mm.
Could 1/4″ work for 6mm?

I’ve got the same question. I’ve got two pieces of info from the forum so far:

There is this whole thread about the conversion process, but no one seemed to come up with a final set of plans.

@xxxoliverxxx told a couple people that what I believe is a company in Dallas called Innovative Machine and Laser (contact info:, has converted the plans into imperial units and is manafacturing machines. I haven’t contacted them yet, but I will once I finish combing through the forum to see if anyone in the US has built a machine yet.

Hello @superfau, @emmsclaire
Have a look at this topic: