Micro plastic sensortracker

looking at micro plastic in ocean, I have little hope we can build enough submarines to filter ocean water but perhaps it could be possible to build autonomous sensors. People could place those along dunes/beaches or wherever needed. With some luck the data could reveal how much plastic particles are being blown per direction per time.

I don’t mind how much sense it creates for now but let’s say it works, we could locate and tack polluting zones that way more easy.

I just started the project here on my sofa; luckily i’ve lots of spare time now so i can assist and stick around much more 🙂

however, not sure how the unit has to be built i guess it has to be installed near the ground and other than that; it should auto rotate with the wind. Filtering the plastic from other particles seems to difficult (?) so I guess some basic mesh filter to filter bigger stuff as well a water filter should be fine for the start. Ideally the unit records the strength/direction of the wind, time and if possible: it stores the particles collected per recorded day in small chambers (carousel, 1 chamber per day,…).

any more thoughts? it doesn’t look that difficult. Someone still has to pick up samples each week and filter plastic out and store the data with it.


good news, reading the basics shows there are methods separate MPs via electrostatic behaviour with a success rate of 90%. Not sure this can be part of the device already already but at least it can be done cheap. I create a page in the library to outline next steps 🙂