Milling the knives

Did anyone try to cut the knives on a milling machine ?
i was playing with the knife in solidworks and it seems that they are possible with a milling machine after some modifications in measurement

Yeah, at Fellesverkstedet here in Oslo they’ve milled some themselves when they started on a shredder:
But they’ve got their heads currently on moving to a new location so until now they never continued further than the picture in that link.

How do you mean the procedures? Like cutting feeds and speeds?
The way those guys I mentioned above did it was with Trochoïdal milling low carbon steel using a 3 flute up-cut bit. I believe it didn’t take that much time, considering it was done on a Shopbot machine which is normally mainly used for woodwork.
How would you do it?

i don’t have a milling machine right now , but i can explain the procedures if any one is interesting to do it