Mind the gap…

First off all i really appreciate the efforts and ideas made by Dave.

Looking at the shredder (which is supposed to be K.I.S.S.) i noticed that there are cutting faces on only one side of the machine. The other side shows a large gap.
A suggestion is to add cutting faces on this side too, similar to the excisting ones. This way the allready cut pieces that are too large (and too long) to go through the sieve will be cut on the “upstroke” side of the blades, common in other shredders. When running, the shredder will need extra power for this but should not be a problem. Throughput will increase. It will look like in the thirds photo below.
Your thoughts?


I’m surprised this hasn’t had any response. I thought about it and I’ll attempt it. The other advantage is the symmetry, being both sides with the same plates and same thicknesses it will be perfectly square