Mini filament extruder for 3d printers

Hi everybody.

Thank you for sharing all this information.

My Name is Daniel and I life in a small flat in Berlin. Unfotunately I am not able to put a big machine into my flat. So I have started to think about a scaled down version of your extruder machine.

The basic idea is to use 3d printer heat element. Please see the attached file.

In my drawings I am using 9 heater element with 40W each; resulting in 360W. Would this be sufficient? Has anyone experience in scalling down this machine?

I would be happy to get some feedback from you guys.



Nopp, forget it.
I locked around for some time and never saw an attempt like this.
This 40W elements will make everthing only harder.
Just use heaterbands.

Think of something like this.
It should be compackt enough and work with every DIY extruder design, but on cost of the filament tolerance.

btw, sry for my “great” english! 😀