Missing Shredder DXF Laserfiles

Hi all,
busy keeping up with the machine development forum. By accident landed on the general discussion page. Found some topics of missing laser files and scaling problems.

I’ve attached a Zip file with the shredder laserfiles, (Forgotten in the package).
Please… for Scaling issues check the dimensions on the dwg or pdf files from the package.

Regards kees

Thanks!!! This is helpfull.

Closing topic since the DXF files were already included in the “Precious Plastic Kit

sorry posted wrong files, realised you needed the combined DWG files?

Anyone have the updated .dwg files of the Combined_laserfiles for the Shredder 2.1?

Also, did anyone else notice that the Quantities listed on the Shredding Dxf Laser Files drawing (02_shredding laser overview.pdf) are incorrect?

Thank you kind people that you are. I downloaded everything and will search for metal in my city.
with respect, Vyacheslav.

I have some files that worked here in Montana. It’s rearranged to make it easier for potential CNC machining or water jet cutting. Email me at Bar1994@live.com for a copy

Hello! I’m in Seattle, Washington and I’m going to try my hand at this project, starting with the shredder. I have been talking with a fabrication company about getting these parts laser cut. I’m excited to take this on despite having almost zero experience! Thanks for putting this forum together, Dave!

hi mate i wan to use my cnc to cut out the parts for the shredder…do u know how to view them then xport them as .dxf… so i can inport them in to Cam Bam


Hello guys
I have problem with dimensions of this files.

For example when i tried to measure width of first file above ->3mm 1x 01.04.13 bottom1.dxf the dimension was totally big → 33 inch / 838 mm.

Can anyone help meto fix it please? Thanks a lot for understanding.

Martin, Slovakia

So helpfull. You star.