Modified Paper Shredder

Hey all, I am new to the Forum so please excuse me if this sounds off beat. Would love some feedback about a concept I have had for those looking to do some low cost experimenting.

Has anyone tried modifying a paper/credit card shredder for use in making stock material?

I am sure it will be easier to find a HD paper shredder than build the suggested machine on this project. Initial estimates I have received for just the laser cut 304SS pieces is around $600 (materials included). I am also having a difficult time sourcing the motor/gearbox here in Pheonix-AZ, USA.

Update 2016-09-12; Here is someone doing this with waste 3D printed material:

Another idea came upon this past weekend was the possibility of using a landscape shredder/chipper.

If you want to save a little money, get the parts made out of A36 steel instead of stainless. That would take quite a bit out of the cost.

For a gearbox, just look up anyone who sells belts, pulleys, bearings, etc. They’ll usually carry a line of gear reducers and motors.

I just had the same idea of salvaging the cutters out of a paper shredder, and stumble across this post. Figured i could slap a washing machine motor on it and gear it down using some pulleys and see how it goes.

We tried several shredders, but they weren’t powerfull enough. At least not for the bigger plastics. Specially the flexible plastics are much tougher to shred. We never tried a wood chipper, I would imagine the plastic would get stuck in it as well. But, never tried. So if you do make sure to post a few pictures 🙂