Mold for basic cups or glasses

Hi ya’ll,

I’m Kyle from Georgia in the USA. I want to start a business in the area with basic items. I’m looking to make press items until I have a machine build/purchase budget, so small items to make would be ideal. Has anyone made 8 oz-10 oz cups yet? Are there any suggestions for moulds to use?


considering the high surface finish you may need to pass certain regulations for your product I would say this is getting pretty difficult with low-tech, especially at scale. I have done an experimental mold on the lathe for many hours, treated with grinding paper (3000 grid) and injected regular 3D printer PLA and realized that the quality isnt exactly overwhelming at all, nor I would drink from it. Possibly this can be fixed with some magic coating, no idea. Possibly the others here can add their 2 cents.