Mold quick release

after seeing someone elses idea for a mold quick release and the v4 idea, I though I would share mine.


running the extrusion at 60rpm, HDPE and 250c temp setting, I was filling a mold circle of 65mm x8mm in 30 seconds.


With mold changes, and running 4 molds, I was able to average 50 shots per hour.


The vice grip pliers are welded to the plate.


The mold is 3 parts, water jet cut.  top bottom middle.  Plaved in the mold aligned, clamp.  and extrude. need welding gloves for this.





Leaving one side of the mold fixed to the extruder is a great idea, and the other part of the mold could be attached to a hidraulic piston to automate the opening/closing of the mold 🙂
Have you tested this design already?

I like this idea! I might do this on my injection machine! Thanks!

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those units in the youtube videos are a big step backwards from the existing machine development.

there was a South African guy using a car jack to open and close a mold for a kickstarter that was stillborn…



hydraulic is too expensive, although i am looking at a hand cranked unit and a timer to run the machine and control the amount injected.


This unit below is 106USD.


It runs a small 12v pump.  Replace the pump with a SSR (solid state relay) and you got a effective way of metering the amount dispensed.