Molds for injection

Have you tried using molds out of plaster, using a metal box and making the mold in plaster inside of it?

I’m sorry if this would obviously not work, I was watching the videos and thought this could work, and make replicating objects easier and cheaper. I really want to start this one day, but right now I don’t have means to do it and test this idea :D, maybe onde of you have tried it. Thanks 🙂


I have tried this with a aluminium box and silicone – it was not a great success as the silicone moved around. Perhaps plaster could work better.

Nice, when I get my machines I’ll try that, thanks again.

Nice to hear the same ideas floating in my thoughts being discussed! Has anybody tried heat proof cement or quick cement made for repairing heating systems?

Just some more thoughts; the glasslike finish might not be necessary. If you worry about getting out the mold you can consider 2 things:
– Release agent; vasline works great.
– one time molds. One could cast an item inside a solid plaster box, inside the metal box. Remove from metal box, Smash the mold and hopla 🙂

Nice, thanks for your answer David. I’ve seen plaster with a glass like finishing, I guess that would stop the plastic from sticking to the plaster mold. I’m still checking in my area how can I make my machines cheaper so it’ll be a while until I can test it.