Molds for plastic

My friends and I have been making a project for a year now, and now that the circuit is working we decided to try to get some working prototypes. We wanted to use silicone bands. The problem right now is that the prices for molds are expensive so the silicone band become more expensive than it should be. We wanted to start with a production of 5 thousand bands but the molds we checked in China were around 10k each. We did a bit of research and we realized those molds we are in the industry for huge productions.
My question here is which kind of molds we should be looking for small productions like ours?

We are a group of friend who studied electronics so we really have no idea about plastics, ways to produce plastics or the different types there are. Any extra info would be really helpful.




Hi, Do you mean silicone bands as in the charity wristband type? How do you plan to fill the mould with the silicone, are you using the 2-part silicone you mix up, and will you be injecting it or just pouring it in?

I’ve made a few custom injection moulds for people on this forum and might be able to help.


Sorry, i didn’t explain the whole idea. The concept of the silicone band is like the smartbands for runners: a silicone band, and a plastic module which contains a circuit. The plastic of the module should be solid.

About how are we gonna fill the mold we are not sure, the only method we have heard about is injection. We want to make 5-10 thousand bands and modules so we will need 2 molds because the materials are different.