Molds How to

This is incredibly exciting! I want to start making my shredder and extruder immediately. How do you make the metal molds? I saw Dave had a top in one video.

I would love to know how to do this as well. Does anyone have any experience ordering custom metal molds, and what they may cost? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be cheap, but I can’t think of any other material that would last a long time, and welding molds won’t work if you need it to be very precise.

hello guys

I was wondering if with injection machine it could be possible to inject a whole set of mini piece planned for realize some toys/model such plane, car, boat and more… Here what I mean:

@willyk About the calculator tools for mould, have you try to contact some Chinese factory as mentioned on this page for ask several quote ?

thank you

the most used process is CNC Milling the molds from metal for injection moulding, check out a video here

pricing varies on the intricacy of the design and also the material you will be moulding in.

i found a mold calculator that gives you the price to do in Shanghai