Molds in molten aluminum

Hi everyone, I was thinking, can we make a prototype into a 3d printer, then mold with it with cast sand and finally make a aluminum molten mold for injection?


Hi Robert,
I’m sure its possible, some 3D ‘Lost Wax’ filaments are available.
But I’m not into the Aluminium Casting…, seems a little to dangerous for me .

regards Kees

About the CNC Milling, here you have a low-tech DIY example:

Molds are the creepiest, scary part of the process. I don’t know about sand casting but I figure that instead of to use a 3D wax printer, it could be more profitable to use a CNC milling machine over the aluminium block to build the mold.

If you’re not very interested in production and you are not in hurry to cool the plastic piece to un-mold it, I guess that silicone for low melting metal (below 380ºC)could be useful.

That’s also can work, was. Here in Bogotá, Colombia, if you have the mold you can make someone cast it for you, I mean to make the plastic molds.