Molds out of acrylic glass

at the moment i don’t have that much time to write an whole article… but i will share our experiencse and products step by step.
But first you will get a bunch of pictures to look at:)

if you have a specific question, feel free to ask;)

keep pace


the clothes peg completly out of plastic

great idea.


Next you want to try is using steel epoxy as the mold material.  I thought about 3d printed boxes but yours looks better…


Maybe even plywood and epoxy?

never think of it, you think “outside the box”, thank you very much for d great reference 😀

Great idea using acrylic molds! And nice cloth peg!

I see @carlf, thanks. Great way to make use of PP’s flexibility


we had to do several tests. the first one was to thin, the second also and the third version is quite well. the peg is working, but it could be little bit stronger.

we are regulating the resistance with the thickness and another option… i don’t no the english word for that. but if you reduce the distance between the two ends, you increase the resistance of the spring.

did i answer your question?

What’s the resistance like from the PP bow spring in the peg?

Nice @carlf, thanks for sharing! Great to see more rapid prototype potential… very clever with your ‘3-layer’ mold for the clothes peg… BIG props!
Keen to see where this goes

Another benefit is the option, that we can easily engrave it.
Logo’s, Plastic Branding, Words, etc. really cool to have:)


no, the adapter between the acryliy glass and the form is out of kraftplex (100% wood), it works as a isolation.
and the plastic (currently we just tested pp) doesn’t stick to the acrylic glass. believe me:) before the plastic can melt the acrylic glass it will cool down.

i think it’s perfect for prototypes, because you can change a single layer if there is a mistake instead of reproduce a whole mould.


Hey Carl,

As the plastic used and acrylic mould are in a close enough melting temperature range, does the peg stick to the mould made of PMMA?

mold of the clothes peg

the clothes peg apart