More or Less knives

It is a simple question, I guess. Do you guys think that more of less knives is better for shredding. By that I mean more rotating and fixed knives on the same shaft length as the normal design. I am restricted in my material options and thus I need to make the knives of .125″(3.18mm) or .190″(4.83mm) material. There is obviously more going on here that I will explain once I start the build. I just want to get a sense of what is optimal. More, thin knives or less, thick knives? My shredder will be quite hacked and hopefully cheap to build!

The .190″(4.83mm) is close to the original (5mm), the .125″(3.18mm) may increase the risk of bending the knifes? If you choose to build it in .125″(3.18mm), keep us updated, I was also thinking on making the knife in 3mm (got access to lots of 3mm stainless), but I discarded it because the risk of bent knifes.