More unformation please on motors gearboxes

Hi I am new here but dont let that scare you

i am interested in building the machines and would like to stsrt with a shredder then the compressor. i downloaded the master kit with all the plans.

i swear i looked at all the documents and cant find motor specs or gearbox specs

i searched the forum and it continues to elude me.

Did the download i get not have all the documentation or am i missing something

is there a better motor-gearbox-coupler combo that does not bind and will not break parts ( i am familiar with lovejoy couplers and trust them )

you can also search for reductormotors. They are motor+gerabox combos. You only need to pay attention to the power connection 1 phase vs three phase, the total power(2 kw for example) and the FINAL rpm the gearbox delivers 50-70 rpm