Most convenient oven size for the compressor

Hi there! We (minipogon) had completed the shredder and now starting to work on the compressor? Could anyone advice us what would be the best optimal size for the oven? Thanks!!

Hey @emokratia ! Great to hear you have finished the shredder!
There is no best size for compression, since it totally dependant on how big the objects are you want to make. Easiest is probably a standard size oven (about 40x40x40cm on the inside) The bigger the oven, the bigger the objects you can make with it, but also the more electricity you need for heating the machine up. So it’s all about finding a compromise that fits your needs.
I hope this helps a bit, even though it’s not a clear answer to your question,
all the best

thanks @flo-2, and sorry for late reply… we already found very cheap 2nd hand oven of something smaller dimensions… so we are giving it a try… although there is lots of things that has to be fixed, so it keeps us busy 🙂