Motor for Extrusion Machine

Hey guys,

Im trying to build the extrusion machine but Im having trouble finding the right motor. I need to know its power and specifications in order to buy it.

If someone has already built the extrusion machine I would really appreciate some help and advice.

Thank youu!

It needs to be roughly 70 RPM
I´m not sure how much torque it needs.

Drills are not for long run. You may burn these drills after few hours of run.

Hi there,

we are now just finishing the extruder with Precious Plastic Greece.

We choose a 0.5 Hp single phase motor with a reducer going down to 28 RPM (a 50:1 reducer).

It looks that it works fine for pushing the material nicely and will have to test it with the heating bands we are using and will let u know.


Well, industrial extrders use 1.1 – 2.2 kW motors.

A corded drill is about 550W and up.

Also it depends on what you are going to do with the extruded material, I saw some post saying that if you want to extrude filament you need a steady even speed, then it is better to use a stronger motor.

A while back a picture was posted to the main page of a corded drill being used as the extrusion motor. Corded drills are fairly cheap new if you don’t want to find one.