Motor Tool (Will this motor work)

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion and discussion about motors. And I myself have even had questions. So, in order to help solve some of these problems (Mostly the question, “Will this motor work?”.), I’ve created a little app called the Motor Tool.

I was going to make it fully baked before I mentioned it, but I figured why not use the community and knowledge on the forum to help me do so. And since I’ve recently gotten pulled into another direction, I can’t dedicate as much time as it needs. Right now it’s very alpha and understands some basic things about motor phases, but it could really use the expertise of a motor pro to help with some other algorithms to make this thing shine.

Source code: (Please fork and revise)
Alpha version:

Please reply with your comments, feedback and wishes here. Lastly, if you have a better name for the tool, please comment.