Motor with reducer vs. motor with VFD

After doing some research I am at a crossroads regarding supplying power to the shredder. My plan is to produce a mobile workshop that runs off 100% solar.

I have found a 3HP motor with reducer that outputs 60 RPM. I really am not attracted to the fact that it is 3Phase, as I believe that will be harder to wire up for solar. VFD’s I believe are 1P, which I do like, however will that take power away from the output (I have read converting 3P to 1P can)?

My question is it more efficient to purchase a motor with a reducer or a motor without a reducer and connect a VFD to manage RPM? Which route will require more electricity? Would 3P be more efficient for a solar set up? Am I misunderstanding anything?

Thanks in advance!

a 3 phase motor is always more efficient and even more suited to run it via solar since you just need a 20$ ‘bridge rectifier’ before the VFD, no batteries even needed.

i recommend to use always a VFD since it comes with lots of fault/overload protections as well optimization and lots of inputs/outputs to add more electronics like quick speed dials, backward/forward, auto-reverse all via 5-10 V DC …

Hola, perdón por escribir en Español, es mi lengua natal y me siento más a gusto haciéndolo así. Mi sugerencia es que uses otro tipo de motor, en el caso de la trituradora es más complicado por lo que te recomiendo usar un motoreductor que tenga un motor pequeño pero que arroje gran torque o par, si es 3 phase mejor, usa el vfd en conjunto, verifica que el vfd sea el adecuado para el motor. con el vfd tenes la posibilidad de convertir 1p a 3p y además tenes mejores herramientas para el motor. espero que te sirva mi aporte, saludos!!!