Hmm…i watched the materials vid, love love. Mean guy…is frustrated, anyway. The plastic process is SO visually similar to Fordite….which is pretty…difficult to get these days. As it was made with layer upon layer of auto paint. The OLD paint way. Some brilliant artist chopped it up like a clay cane and found the most amazing stone. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t plastic a …kinda…by product of fossil fuels? Heh, Fordite…and plastic…are at the very least cousins.
I direct your attention to how they view turquoise. There is no fake turk. Its all basically the same stuff so, they ran with it. It is just to what QUALITY it is. Now, within your beautiful mass of talent that is around that magnificent home of innovation, do you perhaps have a bead lover? Cabochons? How about someone good at supplying and contact to see if maybe some artists off etsy would like a slice of your material for artwork in this profession? Ah, anyway, here’s a link to Fordite….one hopes it inspires.


Thanks for this, never heard of ‘Fordite’ before.