Mutant bacteria, eating PET


I just wanted to see what you think about this new discovery by accident of mutant bacteria that eats plastic.

I myself think it’s another one of those ways humans tend to take, when solving one problem but by accident creating a much bigger problem in another area.

If this bacteria is so strong that it has mutated in to eating plastic. What more will it be able to digest in the future?

What do you think?



It is good news as long as people stay involved in solving the pollution issue and do not assume that it will just sort itself out now.

This story brough back memories of a an episode of the British scifi television series Doomwatch that I saw when I was 10 years old.

The Plastic Eaters

The series made a big impression on the youth of the day – and arguably contributed a lot to the way the environmental movement developed in the UK, as compared to the movements in many other countries.


Yes, I really hope so.
Sometimes I think that we always try to go around the problem instead of doing the simple thing of just governments banning or highly taxing single use plastics. I don’t think any person in the western world would be effected by a slight increase in price for water or laundry detergent sold in plastic containers.

By the way jegor, is there a decrease in the strength of plastic when it is recycled?