My band heaters conduct electricity

Hi community, I just received my band heaters, but two of them conduct electricity. Please help me if you have the solution.

All resistances conduct electricity, but assuming you are refering to the fact that you receive a shock when you touch them:

Do they heat? If you feel an electric shock when touching them or the barrel and they don’t produce heat, then it means the resistance inside is broken and current does not flow across it, which means they have an open circuit. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can do to fix them other than replacing them

make sure you have earthed the equipment.


If you know what you are doing then fuses are not necessary, since the main fuse you need is in the breaker box of your home electric connection.

@xxxolivierxxx, yes, I think it’s in the switch, since I am using two connector switches.
Now I’m considering to use a fuse. It that even necessary? If so, please give me some specifications and a photo of the fuse if possible.

@faridahmadsofizada there’s a short somewhere in your wiring

Olivier, they do heat the barrel very well.
They have shocked me couple of times.
Also have to mention that til now two switches are burned as well.