My experiments

Hi all!

I am experimenting with recycling plastic and thought it was nice to share.
This research is mainly about combining the plastics with other recyclable materials like wood waste, fabric waste, etc. to give it other properties. (see photo’s) I am still working on a very small scale, I collect plastic waste from friends and neighbors, shred it in a kitchen blender and heat it in a tosti oven. My next step is to make a metal mold and heat it from the outside so I am not restricted to the size of my oven and can make bigger things, like furniture.

Yesterday I was able to use Dave’s plastic shredder in de ontderfabriek (a kitchen blender is not perfect for shredding plastic after all) and talked to Kees who build this machine. It gave me better insights about recycling plastics and he introduced me to this forum.

Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.
I keep you guys informed.



Hi @rinoclaessens. Nice samples you made, inspiring to see the variety. Would love to see where this is going. And good to hear you where able to use their shredder! Let me know if you need to shred bulk. Then you can drop by in our workspace and use the motor-powered shredder. Might save you some sour arms. 🙂

Nice to have you in our workspace @rinoclaessens, hopefully you are able to melt the shredded bottles into a lamp. Would love to see a picture of the end result (even if it failed!)

I just have some questions about this experiment of yours. Even though its a great idea to somehow recycle plastic, don’t you think making things like furniture out of them would have a lot of drawbacks? For example, I live in India and specifically in the North we have extreme temperatures. Wouldn’t a furniture made out of plastic expand and contract and eventually spoil its shape? Moreover, in summers will not get very hot to sit on?
Having said that one very good utility of this experiment would be in making water-proof things.
Would love to hear from you. This seems like a very interesting project.

Great, then I’ll see you on Monday morning.
What is the address?

I’ll be there on Monday and Thursday…

So you mean I should come by quick @keesdeligt ?
My schedule is flexible so let me know what time is best for you.

Ha Rino,

after next week the big shredder will be send to its new boss.
Might take a while before another one is finished………

Thanks for the fast comments! @davehakkens @keesdeligt
I made some new samples with the plastic I shred in de ontdekfabriek and it works way better because its more refined. I still have a big bag of plastics I want to shred so that would help me a lot!
Quite a lot of batteries at the end, imagine if I had to do this all by hand 🙂


Ha Rino,

good to see you on the forum, how many batteries did you use for the drill 😉