My extrusion machine idea plan

im beginning to build an extrusion machine, however before i do,
im wondering if anyone has built this in a similar way to how im planning ,
as im unsure if it will work in terms of power

the design is basically a Treadmill running machine motor and speed controller, with its original metal frame and mount. connected with a pulley and pulley wheel from a exercise bike i have.

i figured this large wheel would gear it down slightly,
the motor is 1.5 HP in DC power . and can be digitally controlled with the display that comes with the treadmill.

anyone done anything close to this?


If keeping the original treadmill controller be aware that they often have feedback sensors to check the speed of the belt. This can be something like a magnet on one of the rollers and a reed switch/hall sensor mounted to the frame. If the controller doesn’t get the feedback it expects it won’t work, and will probably just give an unhelpful error such as “E 02”.

As for the power and gearing you have I think it will work fine.

I’ve used treadmill motors before on as low as 12-24V and you can still get a fair amount of power out of them, they normally run at something like 180V.

ive made a very frankenstein prototype, just to test the power,
had a go at clamping the large wheel with my hands+gloves … couldn’t stop it turning, so i know it’s got some torque…

i suppose it will be good until i damage the motor controls, then id have to find another treadmill….

ahh thank you for the info

yeh this one isn’t fancy enough for that, i tried it all disassembled from its original form a few times just messing around and it goes without any error, even when have basically bypassed the motor that would control the slope of the treadmill, and it still goes, haha

this one rums on 230/40v i believe, as i cant see any transformation on the circuit, just takes the mains to DC, hopefully it will work in the end