My First Dave Hakkens Shreds

Here it is:

– Motor 1.5kw, 2800rpm, 3ph (1ph – 3ph inverter)
– 40:1 worm gear
– HRC type coupling, 35mm gear shaft dia. to 20mm shredder dia.(went for keyways)
– Shredder – mostly mild steel. 6mm bits re-cut in stainless.
– Stand – angle iron drilled and bolted together.
– Hopper – still under construction…

Its not perfect, but it works!

I’d say it works pretty damn well!

How much did you spend in total?

Hi Tim, thanks for response, nice to meet you. A meeting could be cool especially locally to share suppliers, as always a.) hard and b.) expensive when sourcing materials locally. My suggestion for auger bit is for a workaround in response to earlier post as I myself will be building first the shredder and then injection machine. So will definitely be picking local brains for assistance regarding motors and the bandheaters and pid controllers so far researching and contacting suppliers they seem quite pricy.

Hey @tiantwo!

I’m very interested to see how the Torcraft Auger bit works out… I’ve been searching through local market tool stalls…
It also seems there are quite a few South African’s popping up in the forums and joining the project… perhaps a meet should be organised next year to share what we’ve made/learned in building these machines within SA… Just a thought…

Hi all, also from SA, Alberton just south of Johannesburg. Quick idea in case you have not resolved it yet.

Torkcraft sell a 25mm auger drill bit:

Price was around R 270.00

Length is listed as 460mm but it may work with a bit of adjustment to the original design.

Unconfirmed if the 460mm is actual auger part only with the hex drill fitting adding to that lenght in which case even better as the auger part which works at feeding only needs to go from under the hopper to the nozzle which according to drawing is 485mm. Compensation can be made in pipe length or even lengthen the drill by wedling on a good steel bar and truing up on a steel lathe.

We have some lying around our factory will try confirm if length includes shaft or if it’s an overall length.

I’ve seen extruder hacks with shorter out feeds on, and I am pretty sure its much easier to make adjustments to the inside diameter of a pipe to suit 25mm diameter than importing an auger bit of 26mm.

Will get back re: sample ones.

Hi @timslab
Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure to pop in at Chazen’s sometime soon 🙂
That’s exactly why I opted for the 5mm MS instead of the SS. Had it cut by TW Profile and all the metal profile bits only set me back R430.

Hey @fuzzchucker, Shredder’s lookin sweet. I’m interested to see how the mild steel compares to stainless steel. I’m having to make quite a few alterations to accommodate for the 4.5mm SS sheets and may end up re-cutting the parts from mild steel…
I’ve been making trips to Chazen’s Electromotors to rummage for motors. There are thousands upon thousands and I’m sure he’ll be able to hook you up. Tell him I recommended you ^^
Hope it helps.

Nice to see some South Africans on here 🙂 I recently also started building a shredder. The shredder box has been assembled and I now need to source a motor and couplings before starting on the framework and hopper.
I’m also in JHB. Where did you source your motor from? Are they available in 220V?

Yea I’m finding these machines involve quite a bit of capital to get started… but if you do decide to order a screw from the EU let me know and we can share shipping costs.

The shredder’s coming along well… I’ve got most of the parts and just need to collect the motor and wire it all up!

Thanks for the input,


Howzit Tim! Nice to have more Saffas on here!

Yes, but I’m not quite ready yet. I need someone to finance the next one(extruder).
I think that screw is going to be next to impossible to find in South Africa.
It looks like you can only get it on German or Dutch CONRAD in Europe.
I think my machining guy here in Durban could prob turn something similar, but I’m not sure about the hardening etc.

Hows your shredder coming on?
Did you go DOL or did you use a VSD?

Could you get 5mm stainless cut?


Hi @paulfreed!

My shredder is slowly coming together up in Joburg ^^… I was wondering if you’ve started finding parts for the extrusion machine? I’ve been searching everywhere for a large 600mm Auger bit for the extrusion screw, but not very many sources in SA. Would you be interested in sharing costs for ordering from overseas?

Shot a lot

Small demo


Thanks for sharing your video and cost breakdown. I’d like to invest in a prototype machine I can field test if you’re willing to build a second.

Also very interested in bulk builds.


Now with control box…

Getting ready for the final touches.
Fitted the control box, just need to wire it again and then on to the hopper…

Our Woolworths milk bottles (HDPE)…

@timslab Howzit Tim!

Sourcing the equipment was actually very easy. I’m sure it’ll be easier for you in JHB, also as far as price goes. Difficult was to try and get stuff second hand. On my shredder the only used part was the Motor (which was actually new, but sat in some blokes workshop for years because the rpms were high and its steel). If you’ve got time, and patience, I’m sure you’ll be able to get some good second hand equipment in JHB. On Gumtree, OLX and the likes, but shipping here to Durban is always an extra cost.

If you need tips or advice, just let me know and I’ll gladly help.

Be sure to let us know how you are getting on.


Hi @paulfreed really appreciate that cost sheet! I live in Joburg, looking to build myself a shredder and an extruder. Could you point out some difficulties you faced in sourcing materials (living in SA it’s not as easy).


For those who are interested these are my material costs so far. The lasered parts I left as they are because the price for stainless works out to about the same. The last thee items are guessed – still need to be done. All in all I’d say its pretty much what you could do it for as a completely new machine.
Most suppliers I went to would have given about 10% less for bulk orders (I always asked for price of 10 units).
Like I said, just costs, without markup and without the time I put in…

It looks really good! And so much power for such a small motor! I also like the shoot you made. The size of the shredded pieces look nice and small considering your blades are thicker. 10mm?
Had jams too, on bottle necks – I agree, a reverse button is a must!