My latest pneumatic injection machine

I’ve been working towards a more powerful injection machine for a while. This is my latest attempt.

Looks great, what force does the cylinder produce?

Machine with 4″ bore cylinder.

My current machine uses this 5″ bore cylinder:

I’ve also built a machine using a 4″ bore cylinder:

I’ll upload an image of that machine.

The smaller cylinder should be adequate for most parts. Small, detailed parts made out of HDPE require a lot of pressure, that’s what I built the larger machine for.

My air compressor has a 30 gallon air tank.

We want to upgrade our injector to have pneumatics.  Do you have the details on the pneumatic cylinder you used? How large of a volume tank do you need on your compressor for that cylinder? Any lessons learned that you can share with us before we start? Thanks!

The cylinder has a 5 inch bore and my air compressor is capable of about 140 psi so………
radius * radius * pi * 140 = force
about 2,750 pounds maximum.