Mycoremediation Bombs

The ideas is simple.
Stream-line a small machine that molds the local organic waste in your yard//street into balls that also steam processes it ready for fungal inoculation. Simply put, MycoBombs.

What I see is an egg carton looking type press that you shove waste into, close, hook up to a steam hose. Once cooled, can easily inject a mycelial culture into the center to grow outwards.

Maybe you see the bombs differently? But the idea, really, is bombs. Bombs to help clean up excess waste we can’t see. Remediation of the soil. Education on the beauty and brilliance of fungi.


Hi , i dont know much about Fungi nor mycelial culture. can you explain it furder? What are the benefits? a collection of links where i can learn about it would be nice.

Im interested in reusing the organic wastes to grow food with bioponic in your own house. The closer the extraction and production from the consumer location the better in terms of Resources efficiency. The big goal is to create a free food automated production and cooking system that everyone can set up in his home using mostly recycled material.

I dont really understand the process of making compost tea. May be you do, can we collaborate?

Here is my mail:

Instead of constructing a new machine, you could use an old espresso cooker. It offers tasty coffee and steam-sanitised coffee grounds. A few start-ups here in Berlin use old coffee grounds for fungi cultivation. Perhaps you could use this type of cooker for organic waste as well. So you only have to apply heat to get your Mycobombs.