Myriad - Injection - Howto - WIP

Howto for the Myriad - Injection Machine (Work in progress)


Part/Assembly “300_TriMounts”

Note: be aware that the pipes come in different diameters!

1. Chamfer (if not done on the CNC)

2. Nut for the movable table mount

3. Setup, make sure it’s not wiggling

4. Done

Part/Assembly “309_BackShieldMounts”

Part/Assembly “400_TransmissionMount”

Handwheel / Mould-Table slide

The handwheel drive needs to be locked in place by using 2 thrust bearings. The lower side needs to be locked with a shaft collar to prevent the rod from moving upwards.

The thrust bearing can be substituted by using a ball bearing and a washer :slight_smile:

Part/Assembly “401-BarrelMount”

  • align the flange to the barrel opening using parallels - if available, use a sleeve to align it perpendicular
  • tack weld the flange
  • weld and face the flange on both sides

Part 701_Hopper

  1. Use an angle grinder to slot the fold lines. This makes bending easier. See here for more examples. The bending should be easy to do by hand.

In case of deformation, build a fixture and hammer it out.

  1. The parts must be perfectly flat and symmetric before welding
  1. Now tack weld all and clean it up.
  1. Weld the barrel mount

Part “502_Table”

  1. tap the center hole, M10
  2. cut a M10 ACME rod, 5cm
  3. screw it into the lever pin
  4. use a screw driver to adjust the final rotation
  5. weld it

Part “602 - Gear - Brackets”