Need help and advice please

Hi people first i want to say what a wonderful formum to have where people whom not just want to contribute towards making the earth a better place to live but where we want to work together.

yes i need help please. . .so far i have received a single quote on getting the parts for the laser cutter and it doesnt seen right or maybe this is just my lack of experience. i have attached the quote for other to see.

Whilst im making a topic i would love to know if there is anyone close to me whom would like to collaborate together to get a precious plastic team together to build these machines faster. . .please let me know im from the blackburn area.


Hello @merseket
I don’t think your laser cutting company interpreted the drawing files properly, they have too few parts on the quotation and the final cost is too cheap as well.

Just to give you an idea, the shredder requires 34 x 6mm parts, 28 x 5mm parts and 12 x 3mm parts.

There are 8 different parts in 3mm steel, 4 different parts in 5mm and 5 different parts in 6mm (17 different metal parts in total).

Your quotation has 17 different items, which is correct, but make sure that they are cutting the right amount of pieces for each type of part. Look at the files attached down below to get a better idea.