Need help building machines Russia

Hey. I wish that this project would be developed, but I can not create the machine itself. However, in our country, it is very important, as well as throughout the world.
By passing the fact that in Russia there are many plastic, I would like to create different products. provide training in this area, to help people and to support the children. In our country, a lot of children who do not have rodiiteley, they live in very poor conditions and the project would help them ……
Perhaps someone can make these machines … And balvanki for the production of various products. I will be very priiznatelen any help.

привет! давай конкретнее – что помочь? бюджет шредера минимальный около 20 тыс.руб., реально для тебя? если да – пиши – помогу от и до