Need help for laser arrangement files

I found a laser cutting company and I need help with the shredder arrangement files,I d’ont have a cad program to manage it, so if someone can offer me the arrangement files for 3mm 5 and 6, but each one independent like in the picture. here is my gmail for that ;
Best Regards

Greetings @mohammede335 !
Did you already cut the parts ? with the pictures it seems to.
What do you want to arrange ? We can’t help you if we don’t know 😉
And did you search on internet a software to do what you want ? I think there are easy ones to do it, if what you want aren’t to difficult.

Okay that’s very cool !

Did you understand what I said with the files ?

do you ask about the price for the laser cut , so i’m student and i have found a company that they gonna to offer me that laser cuts for free 🙂 , so i bring just the steel (3mm , 5mm and 6mm)

If you keep the official folders tree, they are sort by thickness (3mm, 5mm and 6mm). Logically you have a “.dwg” file in each of them and a folder with “.dxf” files. Personally I had to send both of these types. And if you use a software to open them, then require dwg files to display dxf ones. It’s a bit complex and I don’t know very well the subject but the issue is maybe there.

And I’d also like to know if you can have what you want how much does it cost to you 😉

yes , i have the zip file but its a file Which contains many parts graphics (pictures below) and what i need its the assemble of that graphics , and the company work with solidworks programme so any format work good.

Hi @mohammede335
You’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

When I asked for a quote to have laser cut, they just asked me for a zip folder with all the laser cut files. I made it and send it and it was all.
I think it depends of the company. Can’t you ask them for what they need ? which type of files they need.

hi @adrien thank you for your reply,
so i d’ont have cut the laser parts yet because i can’t make the arrangement or the assembly files to the laser cuts company , actually i have download some free cad programme but they d’ont work good with me , so did you have the laser cut parts assembly like in the picture or if you d’ont, can you tell me for some one who can help me with that .
thank you @adrien , Best regards