Need help in the Hague


I’m a high school student in the Hague, and my friend and I want to build a whole set of Precious Plastic machines in our school. I already built the shredder, which took me 2 years. But we really need help to build the others since our school doesn’t have equipment to work with metals.

You are very welcome to visit our club in school (International School of the Hague). We can also go visit your workshop for building the machines.

Below is a picture of the shredder I built.



Looks nice! Any more pictures?

@pattikawa He doesn’t have a metal workshop anymore.

@simeng Contact Bas from Sick Plastic

@andyn I have some pictures of incomplete machines. I will also post a photo of our team later 🙂

PS: the covers are all laser-cut plywood

@jegor-m, I haven’t. I will ask them now. 🙂

@simeng, have you by any chance contacted Precious Plastic Den Haag?