Need help reading Extrusion bill of materials


I live in the US and I am having hard time reading the dimensions.
Can someone help me read theses dimensions for the round tube “34X26X4MM”.

Would this suffice the dimensions for the round tube 1-5/16 OD x .120 wall x 1.073 ID ?

I am looking to get the tube from this website:

If that is not correct, please help me understand the dimensions.
What are the dimensions for A, B and C?

Thank you,

It’s simple. A round Tube with this measures 34x26x4MM means that it has a thickness of 4mm, the external diameter is 34mm and the internal diameter is 26mm

A = 34mm
B = 26mm
C = 4mm

The dimensions doesn’t have to be exact, but make sure that the drill fits perfectly inside of the tube, which means that the Internal dimension (B) is the most important to consider.

For those that might be looking for drill for extrusion, it is called Auger Bit.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you for the reply! It makes more sense now.
What is another name for the drill that is used in the extrusion build video?

I am trying to search for it though google and drill is very generic.