Need some product ideas…

We are launching a precious plastics in Education City ( ) in Qatar. It is a city with in a city and amongst many other things hosts:

A public park (Oxygen Park)
9 university campuses
11 schools
18 hole golf course
FIFA 2022 world cup stadium

We want to take all the plastic waste from the city and create products that can be re-used in the city.


For example – plastic waste from the golf course turned into golf tees to be used on the golf course…

I look forward to hearing back from this amazing community! Project set to launch start of December 2019… Container is in (donated by the world cup 2022 organizing committee) machines and container fit out is in progress 🙂 Follow preciousplasticsqatar on insta for updates


How about a golf ball which is a Sphericon or an Oloid? Would be interesting for putting and crazy golf.

Look at solving problems for your campuses and then using the plastic to fix the problem. like bike racks for instance

‘college spirit items’, yeah, was thinking the same. I guess you, @sjones134 figured this out by now already. In your case – an interesting PP case study btw -, you could make the problem part of the solution and work out a process which provides permanent educational value, eg: 3d-printing molds (I don’t know what’s the status for low-tech but checkout ‘grabcad’ and ‘thingsuniverse’ – it’s all there already) and an automated injection addon for the extruder (there will be news here sometime soon). Also, heading over to the next math, physics and/or mechanics museum may assist the classroom better – there are usually amazing objects as @timberstar mentioned. Other than that, puzzle games, robots, drones give always fun and good insights in the craft.

Maybe make some college spirit items?