Hi, I’m looking to make the shredder with less parts, cheaper, easyer to make, ensemble and ship, I have read about the problems for coupling the motor shaft (usually 24mm) with the shredder shaft (20mm), so I would like to make a new Shredder exagonal shaft with round output diameter of 25 (and 24 mm with key hole at the end), in that way I will be able to put de axle directly in the motor gearbox. I need New planes with the bearing hole in 99mm (insteas that 90) and diameter of 16mm, in add I need the 2 ring spacer with internal diameter of 25 instead of 20.
Any help is wellcome, in 2 months I will be able to start building the shredder first and simplify and put new standards so people could built their own in a easy way. Other thing I would check is the real need of power of the motor, we have not to forget that to produce electricity are requiered a lot of natural resources (and is expensive too) so we must find the best efficiency for our machines.

can you post a link to the motor you bought?

@lukeryberg25 YOU MUST ASK FOR 110V MOTOR and I think monophase motor work better, I have to try if 750w motor it’s enoough or we need 1100w, you can also choose the RPM and if you need a mecanical variablke rpm. By the way I have no buy the motor yet, so in case you will, please tell me so we could get some discount (maybe).
This is the link