NEED your Help

I Iftikhar Ali from District Swat, Pakistan. I appreciate your work and I m inspired from this forum works. After viewing your videos I gather my village young boys and decided to clean some parts of my town. In a start we point out 15 streets to clean it. from different points we pick 20 trucks waste and placed it in a diged land . Second we washed out all the 15 streets. third we placed 6 dustbins in these streets and make ready 4 places for waste of these streets. fourth we placed 20 planters with plants in these streets. Fifth we installed 30 lights to make these streets lightened. sixth we cleaned the main drain of these 15 streets.

In these efforts we face a problem to get rid of plastic , which is the main source of drain blockages , waste dump /volume and refusal of farmers to use this waste as a natural fertilizer. we think a lot but Dave Hakken designed small scale plastic shredder is the best solution of this problem. Plastic waste will be return as a plant pot, tiles etc. for this purpose we visited every work shop and show your designed plates but no one agree to build it. and all guide us to visit Lahore or Karachi city which are 14 hours and 26 hours driving far respectively. and also no idea who will do it and search these expert in these cities.

Dear you People are requested to provide us the box of these cutting blades, the box which contain these blades and its all accessories a s shown in your shredder making video(excluding motor ,hopper and stand). please mention its price . The rest of work mean stand and motor work will be done here…

? we know that you people have not started its business but its only our request from you people to help us in recycling this plastic and making plastic precious for common man .

Please help out us in providing that blades box on reasonable price.

Thanks and be happy for ever.


Hi @ifti77pak Have a look at this topic not really in the area but might be an option. And @gruffalow is shipping from US, also…not really in the area :stuck_out_tongue: