New build at Hackerspace Frack

Hackerspace Frack (Fryslan, NL) decided to start building a shredder, trough our excellent connections to a local laser cutting company we managed to get right into the action and already have the first parts ready.

We’ll update our wiki with new info / ideas and progress as the next few weeks come and go.

Good progress,
May I enquire what type of steel you have used?
Thanks Duncan

Our shredder has been assembled, the hopper has been welded, and we are now looking for a decent motor. We are also exploring options like a bike powered drivetrain so that we can display the machine on events that lack proper power infrastructure.

If anyone has a 2kw motor inc reductor available (230v if possible) we’d be happy to talk about the costs for such a unit.

Great to see all these dutch people working on these machines! We are currently building up a team based in Eindhoven as well 🙂 had any progress yet?

Its stainless steel, ill ask what type specifically.