New injection

hi there all .
I found on the bazaar . someone who made injection machine wich is preety nice , compact , simple and so on. I want to build myslef injection mashine like this.

i think the best one would be with pneumatic cylinders , but i have my first try made with an spur gear.

belo you can look at my sketch and at hydraulic press wich i found online . what do you think about this design?

Best wishes

Check out Medium Machinery.  The cost around $3500.  We will be developing a larger version of this machine under Levon Joseph Fiore’s patent.

looks like a cam that opens the mold.

THis is the original injection molding machine built in the 1950 in Ohio. It kinda looks like the top one above.

I found this exploded view of the Honda 400cc front shock.  I assume that the smaller 125cc bike shock so common in the third world will be a similar construction

Also I am looking at off the shelf items to use for making the injection mold machine barrel.


Looking at hacking pneumatic pistons, hydraulic pistons and front motorcycle shocks.


The motorcycle shock looks the most promising although I really need to buy one and test it.


The biggest hassle I have found aside from buying the seamless tubing, is making the tight fit injection piston.


I assume that the rubber seal will have to be removed and the end of the piston lengthened, but looks promising…


Local price for this item is $17USD here in Manila brand new


See my post about the hydraulic injection molding machine.


instead of using the air over hydraulic setup, Which does work although every slow.  (you need to get a lot of speed to fill the mold before the plastic freezes)


try looking at the hydraulic log splitter machines as your power source and frame.


they are between $300 to $600USD for the entire power unit.


Downside on this design.


1  Shipping from the US could be expensive.  Checking on Amazon with delivery it cost me nearly 750USD total.  over half the cost was shipping and customs.


2 So far I have only found this item in 110v


3 It is a light duty machine.  At this price there is simply no budget to build it out of good quality materials.  However many of the problems can be solved with the addition of a couple good cooling fans to keep it from over heating.  The hydraulic oil tank is small so you will not be able to run it continuously without some sort of cooling.  The same for the electric motor.  My guess is that it is a steel wire coil inside which will make it not cool as well as copper (copper conducts heat better ans has less resistance)


You can search on youtube for 5 ton and 7 ton log splitters to see this particular machine in action splitting logs.  Basically instead of splitting a log, you use it to push your piston for injection.

@btmetz this is awesome idea. I like it so mutch. I’ll try to do some drawing soon.

nice design. can You post some drawings of it ? It would be nice.