New Machine idea – Heat Press

I was looking a few videos today about how people process their recycled plastic around the world, and I stumbled upon this video:

I saw some people around the forum trying to make plastic sheets on their ovens with acceptable results, but the quality of the plastic sheet made but the guy on this video is perfect. After a quick research looking for “Heat Presses” I found that these are the same presses used in T-Shirt Sublimation, and they can be found on Amazon for as little as $130.

I think a heat press would be a great idea for Precious Plastic V3



Oh wow…that is… Beautiful

thank you for showing me @xxxolivierxxx!

@casb while @DaveHakkens works on his Precious plastic heat press design, you might want to look at the design from @timslab

ahhhh stupid…… thank you very much @toochi84

The blue tag must be their entire name. @cas @casb

Hopefully that explained easily

Thank you for your reply @mathijs, I will follow your updates! and start working on the extrusion than. I was planning on modifying it so that I can use it as a manual 3d printer.
(keep up the good work with your own plastic research!!)

(why can’t I make this blue name thing?)

Hi @casb
I think i can reply in @davehakkens name. This is more a side project we are working on. Not sure if this will be soon shared to the community as a total building manual.
We will keep you updated

Hey dave,

I’m nearly done building my shredder, and I was thinking which one of the create machines I want to build. But now I found this one and I really like that it’s easier compared to the compression. With this one I could make sheets really easy to use as a replacement for wood. My question is How far are you with the design on this new machine, if it’s nearly done I’m more than willing to wait but if it is going to take very long I wil start on an other machine.
I hope you get this and you understand my bad english…


The reason why that machine is so good compared to the DIY trials on ovens is because is an industrial grade machine! They manufacture them here in england:

R30 sheet press £3150
R25 shredder £3400

working on a bigger version of it 🙂