No access to CNC mills in East Africa

Hi Guys,
I’d be interested to see if the shredder can be made out of fully recycled parts. It’s almost impossible to come by CNC plasma / water cutters down here. So any idea’s on how the blades for the cutter might be made using recycled components?

Some stupid ideas:
– Old Toyota gearbox? (lot’s of those down here)
– Agricultural mills (lot’s of those as well)


Hi Alp

This is still on our to-do list!
Actually @alexluna made a 3D drawing before.(click the 3D viewer to spin it around) This is still a rough version and we haven’t tried it out. But it’s definitely doable to make it simpler and a more handmade version…

Maybe others have suggestions for this?

Yes, everything work the same in the hand-made version, except the blades have a circular hole in the center and they are welded to the shaft. Depending on how hard your shaft is, I would decrease the number of blades to reduce the possibility of breaking the shaft. Also in case of replacing the Stainless Steel with regular steel, try to wash and dry all the plastic to be shredder to avoid rusting your machine. If you have any other further questions, please let me know. I would love to see this “simpler version” working : )