No-engine shredder

I’m in India with close to zero resources to make the Shredder. the lasercut parts i’m ordering from a company in Bangalore, and since this whole idea is about sustainability, I wanted to do it without the engine! so my question is:

I need to get a small gear with a lot of torque. Does anybody know how to set up gears to gain as much as torque possible, but also make the shredder go about 50-70 rpm?

@reneeke hey im a machine builder from India, you can contact me at if you need some help

Hey @reneeke, I’m busy developing/prototyping a shredder that will hopefully be powerful enough to at least shred a couple bottle caps if not thicker plastics.
I have used some plywood pulleys sheaths and a bicycle wheel to give me a 1:5 system. There are some different sizes that should also allow me to add a washing machine motor maybe mechanize it.

Hope this helps, or inspires you to try something else ^^

hey reneeke,
maybe you can use a handle instead of a machine? the longer the handle the more power. I don think its enough power to shred thicker plastic but for sure you can shred thinner plastic like plastic-cups

@reneeke no I am located in Jalna, Maharashtra

Hey Sharma-Sagar,

Are you located in Karnataka, close to Chamrajnagar / Mysore?